Ulthera non-surgical Facelift Treatment at a discount

Get a huge discount with our non-surgical face lifting Ultherapy. Promo this month for a full face for 80,000 only (regular price starts at 100,000). Considered bettered than Thermage in uplifting saggy skin. Don’t wait till it’s too late!

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4 comments on “Ulthera non-surgical Facelift Treatment at a discount
  1. Hi
    I am an overseas patient and would like to undertake the Ultherapy at your clinic to remove wrinkles of full face (forehead, around the mouth, around the eyes …etc) and sagging cheeks and under the chin. But need first to clarify:

    1- Do you have any discount or promotion for above treatment and how much it will cost me for exactly my above described treatment ?

    2-Is Ultherapy effective also to tighten face wrinkles or just for sagging skin ?
    Thank you

    Rashed Alghurairi

  2. Sheila says:

    Hi I am interested with Ulthera and picosure, how much? Is There a promo? Thanks

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